Why 432Hz?

432 hertz is the tuning, which in a popular way on the web, it is recommended to apply to the music and sounds we hear daily. There has been much debate about why the 440 Hz frequency is maintained as the standard when it is apparently less harmonious than the 432 Hz. And what explains that when we tune the music to 432 hz it is heard better? Does science have an explanation? Or can numerology have it? Is it because it obeys a golden ratio and is something sacred? Or is everything a fraud?. Whatever the frequency 432 hz does not leave anyone indifferent. The best explanation will always be the empirical evidence of each one. And if the rumor is widespread it is because there are many people who notice the difference in pitch between one frequency and another. Are you going to be next?

To try it you can do:

Convert your music to 432 hz
-Use a 432Hz player
-Listen to embedded YouTube sample videos

Notes difference ?. Many, and perhaps most, notice it. It is a very interesting topic and that is why this website was born. And why? There is much speculation on the web and there are explanations of all kinds. The purpose of this website is not covencer at all and its only purpose is playful. From here, let each one draw his own conclusions.